JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Rc/Rv Results 2021 For R16/R13/R10 Regulation

JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Sem Recounting/Revaluation Results 2021: JNTUK has conducted the exams for B.Tech 1 year and 2nd Sem Supply Exams in Dec/Nov 2021 and the results are released on Feb 23rd Feb 2021. Some of the students are applied for the RC/RV for the JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Sem Supply Results and Those are waiting for the Revaluation and recounting results. On below we provided the JNTUK b.tech 1-2 sem RC/Rv Results information updated on jntuk fast results released in below we will updated link. So all the students are going to the bottom of the page and check they respected results in the below link.

JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Sem RV/RC Results 2021

Jntuk Updates

JNTUK 1-2 B.Tech RC/RV Results 2021:

University Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada.
Examination JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Sem RC/RV Results 2021
Category RC/RV Results
Status Released on 4th April 2021

JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Sem Recounting / Revaluation Results 2021:

Students are waiting for the JNTUK Revaluation/Recounting Results for I B.tech II -Semester supplementary examination results for (R16/R13/R10) regulation updates on here. Check all jntuk fast updates RV results on below for jntuk B.Tech 1-2 sem R13 Rv results and jntuk B.Tech 1-2 sem R16 Rv results and jntuk B.Tech 1-2 sem R10 Rv results on below.

HOW TO Check JNTUK 1-2 Sem RV/RC Results:

  • Candidates can check the JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Sem Recounting/Revaluation Results 2021 from the official website or from the link which we are given in below.
  • Click on the “Download Link”.
  • Now save or take the printout of PDF.

JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Regular/Supply Exam Fee Notification 2021 – Extended

When will Release jntuk b.tech 1-2 RC/RV results Nov/Dec 2020:

JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Semester (R19, R16, R13, R10) Regular/Supplementary Examinations Recounting/Revaluation Results November/December 2020” are declared on 4th April 2021. The jntuk b.tech 1-2 Recounting result and jntuk b.tech 1-2 Sem Revaluation result sheets have been sent to respective college principals. Students concerned are requested to contact their college principals/exam cell staff for knowing the results.

JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 sem R13 Reg RV/Rc Results Nov 2020 – Results Link (Not Yet Released)

JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 sem R16 Reg RV/Rc Results Nov 2020 – Results Link (Not Yet Released)

JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 sem R10 Reg RV/Rc Results Nov 2020 – Results Link (Not Yet Released)

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  1. Hello JNTUK

    Today is the last day for applying 1-2 sem

    Iam requesting to JNTUK staff …..

    Please update r13 1-2 sem dec 2020 rc rv results

    Every time same thing repeated realised after exam notification last date is over

    Then JNTUK & under respective college’s are collecting fine too high……

  2. Hello JNTUK
    today is last day to pay fee
    Still now no update about r13 1-2 dec 2020 rc,rv results

    You are wasting time and money

    Iam requesting to JNTUK Staff
    Please do make it fast

  3. Sir please release the revaluation results . Tomorrow is the last day to pay exam fee . Please give any update about this.

  4. Sir….1-2 revalution results plzz release sir. Okee okka sub chemistry valla… Degree teeskolekapotunna. Plzz sir tym teeskoni check chesi pass cheyyandi sirr…. Plzzzz sir. Idi student lyf sir.

  5. Sir give the information update about 1-2 supply notification and revaluation results please make it fast

  6. Sir I’m 2017 pass out but I have only one arrear …. Nen bagane rasina meru pass cheyatleadu , already revolution ki kuda apply chesanu evala repati lo aeeina results announce cheyandi sir please endhukante 30 th 1-2 exam fee last sir please understand sir please

  7. Sir please release the Revaluation results for JNTUK 1-2 semester R16
    before the ending of this month. Or else please extend the examination fee date upto 1st week of April. Because you are still not releasing revaluation results and spoiling our time. 😭

  8. If there is no chance for leaving subjects or adding grace marks.Then why don’t you please release revaluation results soon. As per jntuk last date for 1-2 exam fee is 30th of this month. But our college is collecting 1000 fine after 27th. What should we do. Please consider my comment.

  9. is there any chance for the R16 regulation students to leave any two subjects or apply for the grace marks as the opportunity given to the R13 & R10 Regulation.

  10. Are you going to release the 1-2 revaluation results or not?

    Last date for 1-2 examination fee is getting closer. Upto now there’s no update about the release of Revaluation results.

    Revaluation results must be released with in a week. But what are you people (Lazy Jntuk Staff) doing even after completion of 3 weeks.

  11. Please release R16 1-2 Revaluation results before the last date of examination fee or else we have to wait one more semester.
    Don’t ruin our time. (Why do u take so much time even for Revaluation just for failing students).

  12. Please release R16 1-2 Revaluation results(2021) as soon as possible as exam fee notification had already released.
    Don’t release these results late as u did before.

  13. Most of the members are failing due to lack of 2 to 3 internal marks.
    Why don’t Jntuk pass them even in revaluation and add at least 2 to 3 marks.!!!

  14. When will the Revaluation results for semester 1-2(R16) 2021.are going to be released?

  15. Sr please isari sub ni clear cheyandi oka backlog 1 yr nunchi danivala na degree tesukole. Pls sr clear cheyandi oka sub vala degree tesukole anta chala darunam sr . 🙏 revolution chusi pass cheyandi sr oka backlog unavalam degree tesukuntam. Koncham tym tesukoni paper check cheyandi sr. Idi student lyf sr.

  16. Sir worst valuation…Every time you are failing me where should i get the money from…I also failed in revaluation…. This is not fair sir ..

  17. Sir please release 1-1 R16 revaluation results. . exam fee last date was coming sir

  18. Sir, nenu r16 1-2 supply rv pettanu kani na roll number type chesina kanipinchatla (pass or fail) meeru result update chesara asala

  19. Sir, nenu r16 1-2 supply rv pettanu kani na roll number type chesina kanipinchatla (pass or fail) meeru result update chesara asala

  20. Sir please realese R19 results of 1st sem and tell me the process of revaluation and Recounting
    As I am student of 1 st year

  21. Sir plz…. release the r16 1-2 rv/ rc. Results …today is the last date for 1-2 exam fee….try to understand students problems also …this final year attend the exam ….plzz release the revaluation results ….or change the 1-2 exam fee date ..how can u give the exam fee dates before the results …plz…sir ..

  22. memu rply echi waste of time.meru elago chudaru.meku nachinatu chstharu.kaanivandi..dabulu matram echeyaki meku results release cheyaru.

  23. Today is the last date for exam fee .the result is not yet updated.what is the student’s situation now.please give any information regarding exam and the result.Thankyou

  24. Sir please release results today last day exam notification date extension cheyadi sir

  25. Sir R16 I-2 revaluation results rakundaney 1-2 supply notification ela pedatharu sir
    Today is the last date of 1-2 supply exam fee

  26. Today is the last day for the fee payment of 1-2 supply examination fee for R16.can you please release the revaluation results.

  27. Sir ,tommorrow is the last date for the fee payment for 1-2 fees,can you please release the revaluation results.

  28. Sir 🙏 eka very soon ani pedithe allaga sir time ledu no bus rain corona and 3 months lockdown Mony problem auto charges very high km/5 minimum 100rs please release mi

  29. sir please release 1-2 revalution results sir because notifications are already released. sir we students are facing difficulty to know the results. sir you this time is very critical for us. For travelling purpose also it’s very uncomfortable. so please understand the problem sir. otherwise you will extend notifications dates when the revalution results released.

  30. Sir tomorrow last day to pay the exam fee of 1-2 so please release the revaluation results as soon as possible

  31. Plz release 1-2 revaluation result sir plzzz tomorrow is the last day for the payment of fees.

  32. Tomorrow is the last day for the fee payment of 1-2 semister.can you please release the revaluation results today.if you release the results tomorrow . reaching ng the college will be difficult for us during these covid times.

  33. Revaluation results relz cheyandi sirr.. R13 1_2 Malli 16 th June last date annaru eroju 15 th Inka eppudu relz chestharu sirr…🙏🙏🙏🙏 Revaluation relzts plzzzz

  34. Sir please release 1-2 r16 revalution results
    Only 2 days to pay the exam feeze but revalution results are not released
    I am wating for 1-2 RV results
    Repu kanuka 1-2 RV results release cheyakapotha RV katinavallu paristhi challa darunga untadhi
    PLEASE 1-2 RV results…..

  35. Sir please sir release it fast sir .there is only three days left for 1-2 Supply fee last date.so please release it fast sir

  36. Sir pls release 1.2 rv/rc results tomorrow Sunday no time covid problem’s and rules pls release 🙏

  37. Jntuk sir 🙏 corona time lo eila notification vesi results hold lo pedite allaga motham tension thochathunnamu bus band college band full rain corona rules pls release rv/rc results

  38. Babu 1-2 r13 revaluation & Rc results release cheyura … Notification release chesavu kani results release cheyavu emi…..

  39. Sir my future now depends on this Results…but meru inka result release cheyakunda ila 1-2 exm fee notification pedte ela Sir…final year vallu em aipovali inka chances undav rasukotaniki plse daya chesi ardham chesukondi… kanisam pass ayina cheyandi plsee…🙏🙏🙏

  40. Sir please release 1_2 revaluation results….how to pay supply fee without knowing revaluation results.please understand.supply fee last date:13/6/20

  41. Ayya babu inka eppudu release chestaaru raa 1-2 revaluation results ni kattinchukovatam deeniki dasukovatam deniki
    inka 5 days vundi fee kattadaniki
    Asala release chestaara cheyyara

  42. Rv results rakunda exam notificarion akkada akkada nuncho vochi kattali tume kuda ledu ashalu meru mind petti alochistunnara leda gorrila alochistunnara

  43. Sir please release The Results 😑😑😑😑
    1.2 Regular Notification kooda vachhesindi😰😰😰😰

  44. Fee notification ichesaru….inka result rakunda ela kadatham fee ..inka 6 days undhi…inkeppudu istharu sir result..plzzzzzzz sir twaraga result realse cheyandiiiiii🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  45. Sir. Rc rv results rakunda notification release chesaru ikkda memu enti chyalli. Atu pass chyru itu time aipotundi Edo ti chyandi babu

  46. Sir b.tech 1.2 sem exam notification free data 16.6.2020 not realised rv/rc results how is pay exam free

  47. Sir notification realse chaystharu kani results ….. mathram chayru.
    .. ydhuku sir … meeku .. notification realse chaydanike time vuntadi kani results chaydanike vundadhu …. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️em jntuk ra babu

  48. Sir please release the revaluation results of 1-2 semester.
    University released 1-2 supplementary date also but the revaluation results is not released.


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