JNTUH OD Frequently Asked Question & Answers – 2020

1. How to apply for my Original Degree (OD) / Convocation Certificate?

Ans. Visit the url: https://epayments.jntuh.ac.in/onlineconvocationservices/ for applying OD in Pre-Convocation / Post-Convocation.

2. What is Pre-Convocation and Post-Convocation certificate?

Ans. Convocation is conducted generally once in every year.

Pre Convocation: If any candidate needs OD certificate before the convocation, such candidate needs to apply for the OD certificate in pre-convocation mode. The fee for pre-convocation OD is Rs 3500/-(if OD fee of Rs 600/- was paid at the time of final semester exam registration, then the OD fee is Rs 2900/- only)

In Convocation: Applying for OD whenever the convocation notification is issued. The
candidates who are graduated after the previously held convocation and before the
the cutoff date specified in the convocation advertisement are eligible to apply for the
In- convocation OD.

Post Convocation: All the graduates who are not classified as above two categories
belong to post convocation category. Based on the year of graduation, the OD
registration fee amount payable will vary.

3. While Applying for OD, It is not asking for uploading the photo?

Ans. If the Candidate’s photo is available with the examination branch of JNTUH, it will not
ask for upload of the photo while applying for OD.

4. Do we have tatkal option for OD?
Ans. There is no Tatkal option or speed process. All the post convocation ODs will be
dispatched next working day by speed post or courier service to the address which was
mentioned while registering for OD certificates.

5. How long it takes to get my OD after applying through online?
Ans. If it is pre-convocation OD it takes 20 days, if it is post-convocation OD it takes 10

6. Can I apply OD manually through counters?
Ans. No manual applications will be permitted for applying OD, if you passed degree on or
after 2002.

7. Old batch convocation process is it online or manual?
Ans. For old batches those who passed out before 2002, they have to apply manually through counters.

8. Can I get my OD by hand through counters?
Ans. No, you cannot get OD by hand.

9. To which address does my OD will be posted?
Ans. Your OD will be posted to your present address which you have given at the time of
online registration.

10. Will I get any confirmation from JNTUH about OD Status?
Ans. Yes, you’ll receive an SMS with EMS No from JNTUH when your OD is Dispatched.

11. I am unable to upload scanned copy of my Photo / PC (Provisional Certificate)?
Ans. Please check the file size of your photo/pc before uploading. (Photo file size should be
between 6 kb-20 kb & PC file should be between 200 kb-300 kb).

12. Will I get any confirmation after online payment is done from JNTUH?
Ans. You can download payment receipt after successful payment. You are advised to retain
this receipt until you receive your OD.

13. Can I give international address as shipping address online?
Ans. No, your OD will be posted to your Indian address only.

14. Will I get refund if I pay mistakenly twice/thrice online payments?
Ans. Yes, only if the reasons are genuine you will get refund. Please read the refund policy at the OD portal.

15. I am getting errors while applying online?
Ans. You are informed to send Email (mail-id:convjntuh@gmail.com) stating the problems
you faced or visit the student service counter at Exam Branch.

16. I have forgotten my password, how can I get my password?
Ans. Click on forgot password link available at the home page of JNTUH Convocation
portal. It will ask to enter your Hallticket number, registered mobile number and Email
id for verification. Once the verification is successful you will receive the password to
your registered Email id.

17. I have uploaded wrong photo while applying for OD. What should I do?
Ans. You need to place a hard copy representation to the Director of Evaluation, JNTUH
along with your softcopy of photo & id proof within three days of online application.

18. Will I get DOB, College code, college name, father name and student name as per my
OD application?
Ans. The Details whatever printed on your Provisional Certificate (PC) will be printed on
your OD. The details given while registration process is only for reference.

19. What is the process if my OD certificate gets returned to JNTUH due to improper
address or due to door locked?
Ans. You have to enquiry at JNTUH Exam Branch OD counter regarding this issue.

20. I have a name correction on my Provisional Certificate (PC), Can I apply for OD?
Ans. After your month and year of graduation, if atleast one convocation is held you need to apply for OD first after receiving the OD, you need to apply for name correction.
Contact the student service counter to know the procedure to be follow.


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